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Methane (CH4)

Methane (CH4) CAS number 74-82-8

What is Methane (CH4) ?  

Is the simplest alkane,

Methane is a gas. One molecule of methane contains one carbon atom, surrounded by four hydrogen atoms.

Methane is a greenhouse gas, and is produced by cows and landfill sites.

Methane ( CH4) uses  

Methane (CH4) from farms and landfill ( Biogas ) can be used as a fuel for cooking and heating, and to generate electricity . 

Methane (CH4) forms the main component of Natural Gas, 

Is Methane (CH4)  Dangerous ? 

Methane is non-toxic, however it is very flammable, and can form an explosive mixture with air. It can also be an asphyxiant if the oxygen concentration is reduced by displacement. Although the risk from explosion before it becomes an asphyxiate is greater since the Lower Explosive Level (LEL) volume of Methane required is small.

Methane 4.4%VOL (100%LEL) IEC 60079-20-1:2010
Methane 5.0%VOL (100%LEL) ISO 10156:2010