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Oil Rig Platform

CO Sensors with H2 Compensation

Electro-Chemical sensors are used to detect Carbon Monoxide gas in both Fixed and Portable Gas Detectors . These sensors are very sensitive to interference from Hydro carbons especially Hydrogen . 

This means that when used in area which have a high background of Hydrogen such as Steel works , Hydrogen gas storage and refueling stations, Battey charging rooms  etc CO sensors can give a false reading and alarms . 

Riken Keiki have developed a CO sensor which has Hydrogen Compensation built in which negates alot of this interference thus giving a more accurate and safe Carbon Monoxide reading . Currently this sensor technology is availabe in the CO-04-C, GW-3-C and GX-3R and GX-3R Pro personal monitors but is being integrated into other new genertation models both fixed and portable in the future 

PRODUCTS FOUND FOR CO Sensors with H2 Compensation