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Weatherall Engineer

Installation, Servicing and Calibration

Installation / Commisioning

We have many years of experience designing, installing and commissioning fixed gas detection systems for small and large companies in a variety of industry; including NEC Semiconductors (over 1000’s sample points), GE Oil & Gas semiconductor fabrication plant, University of Manchester Anatomy lab, and University of Bath semiconductor research lab. and many others including full ATEX installations, In 2021 Weatherall installed a state of the art ATEX Hydrogen detection system in one of the UK's first purpose built Hydrogen Bus Maintenance depots. For Further information see our Fixed Gas Detection Systems page.

Marine Fixed Systems

Riken Keiki are highly regarded world leaders in the manufacture of sequential sampling fixed gas detection systems used on Crude Oil Tankers (COTS), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG carriers), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG carriers), and Chemical Carriers. Their expertise is extensive, with knowledge accumulated over decades of design, manufacture, and commissioning. We have seen some systems that have been running continuously for over 25 years.

Hydrogen and Renewable Energy 

The Future promises major investments in clean, green technologies such as Hydrogen and Batteries, Weatherall and Riken are focussed on these areas and applications with specialist fixed gas detection sensors and systems for applications ranging from Battery Giga-factories to Hydrogen powered vehicles and Green Hydrogen production and its use in Industry. We are experienced in the supply, installation, and commissioning of systems for Hydrogen Fuel Cell and high boiling point solvents used in Li-ion battery production to name a few. 

If you are interested in Gas Detection for any of these applications, please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements 

Calibration Service

At Our Workshop

We aim to provide a 2-3 day turnaround for our service, calibration and repairs. If you have an urgent requirement, please Contact Us in advance to arrange priority service at no extra cost.

We have a fixed price for a standard service and calibration, which excludes any parts that may or may not be required. If there are any additional costs we would advise after examining the unit. Upon receiving authorisation we will then proceed with the work.

For service, calibration, or repair of your Riken or RKI gas detectors, please contact us for a quotation, and send to Our Workshop.

On Site

Whether you have a Riken fixed installation on-board a vessel, in a semiconductor fab, or in an industrial unit, our engineers will be happy to visit you on site. For service, calibration, or repair please contact us for a quotation.

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Weatherall Engineer Calibration

Bump Testing

Calibration Products:

Best practice recommends bump testing as frequently as is practical, and if required, re-calibrate the equipment. This should be done by the user preferably just before use, or to the regime of your company policy. This will give the user the confidence the instrument is functioning correctly.

Weatherall can supply a range of calibration equipment including calibration adaptors, gas cylinders, and regulators. See our product range or get in Contact to discuss further.

All our newer instruments have auto-bump and calibration functionality. This feature makes calibration quick and painless. Using single or multi-gas cylinders, a gas portable monitor can bump test or calibrate all channels together in just a minute or two. With this simplification of the calibration task, we encourage users to bump or calibrate their instruments more frequently than they may have done in the past.

A precaution to note:

It is generally recommended that a bump test or calibration be performed if it is suspected that the instrument has been subjected to any condition that could have an adverse effect on the unit (sensor poisons, high gas concentrations, extreme temperature, mechanical shock, or stress, etc).

Weatherall Engineer Repair

Contact our expert team today

Call 01296 622180 or email us on or use the link on this page to book a site survey, calibration and service visit or get a quotation to calibrate and maintain your Riken Keiki Gas detection equipment. We are also happy to give advice on how you can maintain your own Riken Equipment.

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