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Butane (C4H10)

What is n-Butane(C4-H10)? 

Butane or n-butane with the formula C4H10, is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure and is highly flammable.

Uses of n-Butane(C4-H10)  

Isobutane or i-butane (i-C4H10) is an isomer of butane and is predominantly used in the petrochemical industry. On Crude Oil Carriers iso-butane is used for the calibration of gas detectors as it is the most representative hydrocarbon found in the headspace of cargo tanks. 

N-Butane is also used for camping gas cannisters and LPG cannisters for home bbq and heating and cooking off grid . It is also used as a  propellant in Aerosol production and as a refridgerant . 

Is n-Butane Dangerous? 

n-Butane becomes flammable at a low concentration of 1.4% vol in atmosphere it can also be explosive if ignited in a confined space . 

The toxicity of butane is low. but can become dangerous is abused .