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Oil Rig Platform

Nitrogen (N2)

What is Nitrogen ?  

In its gas form, nitrogen is colorless, odorless and generally considered as inert

Uses of Nitrogen ?   

An Inert gas nitrogen is used as a gas blanket to render atmospheres safe from combustion . Nitrogen is also used in liquid form to cool items to extremely cold temperatures 

The chemical industry uses this gas in the production of fertilizers, nylon, nitric acid, dyes, medicines, and explosives. Here are the five applications of nitrogen in everyday life

Is Nitrogen Dangerous ? 

Inhaling air containing mostly nitrogen will lead to various signs of physical and mental impairment. Depending on the concentration of nitrogen a person is exposed to, signs and symptoms from sudden unconsciousness to death due to asphyxiation could occur.

Use of Oxygen Monitors in areas using Nitrogen is very important as a gas leak can rapidly remove the Oxygen from the Atmosphere