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Portable Gas Detectors

GX-9000 Portable Pumped Multi Gas Monitor for Combustible, O2 Toxic and VOC's

GX-9000 is ideally suited to Harsh Environment applications requiring multi-gas detection

GX-9000 can detect up to 6 different gases simultaneously. An extremely versitile Gas detector suitable for Marine / Onshore and Underground applications 

Product Features

The GX-9000 is the successor to GX/RX-8000 Series detectors, which have assured safety  at sea,
on land, and underground worldwide for over 10 years since its launch.

GX-9000 is capable of simultaneously detecting up to six different gases, including ammonia and VOCs, 

GX-9000 Combines stability and portability. A high-power pump enables effective aspiration at distances of up to 45 m to ensure peace of mind, even when working inside large-size tanks.

A single unit is capable of covering a wide range of Gas Detection requirements.

Providing the one of most effective gas detector available on the Market currently 


Sampling method Suction type/Double type
Principle of detection New Ceramic catalytic Method, Thermal Conductivity Method, Non-Dispersive Infrared Method, Potentiostatic Electrolysis Method, Photo-Ionization Detector
Detection range Depends on gas 
Type of alarm Gas alarm / fault alarm
Display of alarm Lamp blinking / buzzer / gas concentration display blinking
Explosion protected construction Flameproof enclosures + Intrinsic safety
Explosion-proof class ATEX : Ⅱ1G Ex da ia ⅡC T4 Ga/Ⅱ1G Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga
IECEx: : Ex da ia ⅡC T4 Ga/Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga
Ingress proof rating IP66/68
Approvals Japan Ex, ATEX, IECEx, JIS ( MED Pending ) 
CE marking EMC / ATEX / RoHS
Power source Lithium ion battery unit [BUL-9000] or
Dry battery unit (AA alkaline battery 6 pcs.) [BUD-9000]
Continuous operation Approx. 25 hours (fully charged) [Lithium ion battery unit]
Approx. 12 hours (25℃, no alarm, no lighting) [Dry battery unit]
* Varies depending on the mounted sensor.
Dimensions Approx. 158 (W) × 85 (H) × 132 (D) mm (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 1.1 kg (includes battery and battery unit)
Operating temperature range Temporary ambient conditions : -40 ℃ to +60 ℃ (no sudden changes)
Continuous ambient conditions : -20 ℃ to +50 ℃ (no sudden changes)
* May vary depending on the mounted sensor.
Operating humidity range Temporary ambient conditions : 0 to 95 %RH (no condensation)
Continuous ambient conditions :10 to 90 %RH (no condensation)
* May vary depending on the mounted sensor.
Operating pressure range 80 to 120 kPa (80 to 110 kPa for explosion-proof range)
Target gas  C2H2, CH4, CL2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCL, i-C4H10, NH3, O2, O3, SO2, VOC

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