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Fixed Gas Detection

GD-F3A-A Rugged Oxygen Detector

Gas Detector head for Oxygen

Direct Connect Oxygen Monitoring Detector head :

The Riken Keiki GD-F3-AA is a Detector Head with Direct connect sensor for use in Oxygen Monitoring applications.  It Features a range of 0-25% Volume as well as having options for 0-50% volume. The GD-F3-AA is designed to be connected to the RM-5000 or RM-6000 Monitor panels. It has a Compact & light weight design and Splash-proof construction as well as being Intrinsically safe with a zener barrier.


Product Features

Ideal for Multi- Point Oxygen Deficiency Systems :

The GD-F3-AA provides a rugged cost effective solution to multi-point Oxygen Deficiency systems . The GD-F3-AA connects directly to the RM-5000 monitor panel to give reliable measurement of Oxygen levels in a multitude of large area applications such as Large confined spaces , plant rooms , Manufacturing facilities as well as Automotive test facilities .

It has a wide operating temperature range as low as -10 degrees C up to 40 Degrees C.

GD-F3-AA Oxygen Monitoring Detector Head

Proven Sensor Technology :

The Riken Keiki GD-F3-AA is based around Rikens tried and tested OS-B11 sensor . This sensor is used in many fixed systems worldwide and has been shown to provide stable as well as  reliable service. The OS-B11 is based around Galvanic technology.

RM-5000 Multi-Channel Gas Monitoring Panel :

The Riken Keiki RM-5000 is a multi-channel Gas Monitor Panel. The RM-5000 is ideal for monitoring combustible gases and toxic gases as well as Oxygen. It is ideal for Multi point Oxygen Monitoring Systems in a range of industrial , Manufacturing applications

The RM-5000’s clever modular design allows for monitoring of 2 to 12 channels. The RM-5000 achieves this by simply by inserting indicator units to match the gas required. In addition a custom panel will accommodate up to 32 Channels. The modular indicator units slot into the case. Users then connect detector heads for Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen in addition to Combustible gases and other toxic gases. Detector heads that can be used include the SD-1  and also the GD-A80 , GD-F3-AA  as well as the GD-70D Intelligent pumped gas monitors .

The Indicator units each have an independent digital display that is easy to read . Each Indicator has a bar meter and multi-colour display for ease of monitoring. Power consumption is very low.  The RM-5000 is compatible with previous generation Riken Monitor Panels. The RM-6000 is available for single channel applications. The GD-F4-AA is available for sample draw applications.


Model GD-F3-AA
Detection Principal Galvanic cell method
Detectable Gas Oxygen (O2)
Detection Method Diffusion
Detection Range 0-25% Vol
Transmission Scheme Direct output from sensor
Transmission cable CVVS worth of shield cable(1.25mm 2 )・2-core
Transmission distance Less than 600m by CVVS・1.25mm 2 cable
Zener barrier MTL7761Pac
Cabling port Cable gland(Suitable cable dia φ8~φ11mm)
Operating temperature -10~+40℃ (non-rapidly-vary. It may differ according to mounted sensor.)
Operating Humidity 90% RH or less ( Non condensing )
Structure Wall mounting type/mountable to pipe size 2B<50A>
Explosion-proof structure Intrinsically safe structure(by using zener barrier)
Explosion-proof grade ExiaⅡCT4X
Explosion-proof approval No TC21279 (TIIS,Japan)
Outer Dimensions / Weight Approx.140(W)×175(H)×86(D)mm /approx.1.5kg
Colour Munsell 2.5Y9/2 semi-gloss

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