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Fixed Gas Detection

RM-6000 Single Channel Gas Monitor Panel

Single Channel Detector Panel with Alarm relay contacts and 4-20mA output (Modbus Optional)

Single Channel Gas Monitor Panel

Ideal for small systems as standalone monitor with detector head and also as a repeater in larger systems. Ruggedly built and available for combustible, Toxic and Oxygen. RM-6000 has internal audio / visual alarms as well as 2 volt free alarm relay contacts and a fault alarm. It also has a 4-20mA output.


Product Features

Single Channel Gas Monitor Panel :

The Riken Keiki RM-6000 is a Single Channel Gas Monitor Panel. The RM-6000 is ideal for monitoring combustible gases, oxygen, and toxic gases. It is ideal for a range of Industrial, Manufacturing in addition to Marine Applications.

Users can connect detector heads for Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen in addition to Combustible gases and other toxic gases. Detector heads that can be used include the SD-1 , GD-A80 and GD-F3-AA  as well as the GD-70D Intelligent pumped gas monitors.

The Indicator units each have an independent digital display that is easy to read. Each Indicator has a bar meter and multi-colour display for ease of monitoring. Power consumption is very low.  The RM-6000 is compatible with previous generation Riken Single Channel Monitor Panels.

RM-6000 Connect to building Management Systems :

A 4-20mA output is available. This allows the RM-6000 to connect to external PLC’s and Building management systems. This allows users to monitor the Detector head  and data-log the results. This is a very useful feature.  The RM-6000 is 24VDC powered so therefore can be used with the BATPSU-600 battery backed Power supply to ensure continuous operation even in the event of a power failure . A  240VAC version also available as an option.

Remote Sounder beacons connected to the RM-6000 provide additional warnings in remote rooms and areas.

The RM-6000 is extremely Robust and more importantly reliable making it ideal for use in a range of Industrial and Marine Applications. The RM-6000 is used to monitor Manufacturing Factories, Plant Rooms, Laboratories, Automotive facilities, Oil Storage Facilities in addition to Marine Tankers and Cargo vessels the list goes on.

Optional Accessories for Weatherall Fixed systems :

Indicator units for the RM-5000 Gas Monitor Panel

GP-6001 as well for Combustible Gases – Direct connect to detector head

SP-6001 and GH-6001 for Combustible and Toxic – Semiconductor Sensor

EC-6002 for Toxic – Direct connect to detector head

OX-6001 as well as OX-6002 for Oxygen  – Direct connect and 4-20mA input

RM-6002 as well as RM-6003 for Oxygen / Combustible and Toxic 4-20mA inputs and outputs .

RM-6000 Detector heads

GD-A80 for Combustible

SD-1 for combustible , Toxic and Oxygen

GD-F3-AA as well as GD-F4-AA for Oxygen

GD-70D for Toxic , Combustible and Oxygen


Category Fixed gas detector
Type Indicator unit
Target gas Combustible, Toxic, Oxygen
Type of alarm Gas alarm, Trouble alarm
Approvals CE
Power source 100VAC ~ 240VAC +/- 10% or 24VDC +/- 10%
Dimensions & Weight Approx. 110(W) x 190(H) x 54(D) mm, Approx 580g (wall mounting type) / Approx 650g (panel mounting type)
Operating temperature & Humidity -10 to 50 ℃, below 95%RH (Non-Condensing)

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