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Fixed Gas Detection

SD-3 Stainless Steel Intelligent Gas Detector Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen

Available 2022 : Harsh Environment Gas Transmitter with Remote sensor 4-20mA and Modbus outputs

Riken Keiki SD-3 represents a new level of Functionality, Reliability and Robust contruction. The SD-3 can monitor a very wide range of Combustible (including Hydrogen) and Toxic Gases as well as Oxygen in ATEX Zones and Harsh environments. SD-3 is a step up from existing Gas detectors having Stainless Steel construction as well as multiple communcation protocols that include 4-20mA , Modbus and HART. There are 2 alarm relay contacts and a fault alarm double that of the predecessor model. 


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Product Features

The SD-3 Series are fixed explosion-proof gas detectors that continuously monitor for combustible gases, toxic gases, and oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere. These gas detectors detect gas leaks and activate an alarm when preset concentrations are exceeded. Detected gas concentrations are converted and output as 4 - 20 mA analog and digital HART signals. Output options include Modbus (RS-485) communication and the use of three relays. The rugged housing construction (material: stainless steel, protection rating equivalent to IP66/67) allows use in a wide temperature range (-40 - +70 °C). A range of different mounting
types (e.g., wall, pole, and duct mounted) support a variety of uses and installation environments.
These global products are certified explosion-proof in various countries and meet the requirements of various international standards, including IEC/EN performance and SIL 2 certification.

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