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Fixed Gas Detection

D58 Series ATEX Rated Flammable Gas Monitor with Internal Pump

Pumped Explosion Proof Combustible Gas Detector ( ATEX )

Sample Drawing ATEX Combustible Gas Detectors

The Riken Keiki D-58 Series are ATEX Combustible Gas Detectors with sample drawing capability. They have exceptional performance, flexibility, and versatility. The D58 series has an array of sensor technologies that are unmatched in the industry. Users have many combustible gas options that can be specified  including Hydrogen .


For RP-D58 Explosion proof ATEX pump unit Click here

Product Features

The D58 Series has a long life high capacity pump for sample draw applications . The Detectors are Explosion Proof as well as being ATEX compliant for Zoned applications.

The SD-D58 Intelligent Detector Head is used as a stand-alone device as well as offering a 4-20mA link to existing PLC and building management systems.  The GD-D58 is a direct connect sensor head for use with Riken  single ( RM-6000)  as well as multi-channel (RM-5000) controllers.

Maximum Flexibility :

The D58 Series LED display is integral . Users benefit from  simple to replace plug in sensor and easy maintenance in addition the sensors have a long life Expectancy .

Wide Operating Temperature range :

The D-58 series has an operating temperature range of -20 to +53 Degrees Centigrade.  The D-58 Series are Engineered for low maintenance as well as Maximum reliability in very harsh environments. The Detectors are complaint to IP67 for ingress protection against moisture and dust. The D-58 Series are suitable for Harsh environments in addition to ATEX Zones.

The D-58 Series is popular throughout the world.  it is reliable as well as offering many years trouble free service.

the SD-D58 is ideal for genuine standalone operation.

Accessories are available such as external sounder Beacon ( SB-100 ) as well as a Battery backed Power supply ( WPSU-24 Series) .

Applications for the D-58 series :

LPG Facilities.

LNG Utilities.

Petro-Chemical plants.

Marine Applications.

Oil refineries as well as Oil Storage facilities.

Chemical plants.

Solvent and Paint works

Hydrogen Production facilities as well as Hydrogen fuel Cell Manufacturers

Power Stations.

Iron and Steel Works.

Engineering as well as Construction works.

Public works.

Additive Manufacturing Plants.

Etching Facilities as well as Composite manufacturing plants.

ATEX Zoned areas where Combustible gas needs to be monitored .


Target gas Combustible
Explosion proof Flameproof enclosure
Approvals ATEX, CE, TIIS
Dimensions & Weight Approx. 197 (W) x 286 (H) x 140 (D) mm, Approx. 5.8kg

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