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Fixed Gas Detection

GADMS Lite Ethernet Gas Monitoring System

Ethernet Gas Monitoring System for Small and Medium sized systems up to 96 detection points

Small- medium Ethernet web based scale gas monitoring system (GAs Detector Management System Lite

Up to 96 Ethernet-supported gas detectors (Model: GD-70D-EA see below )can be connected to the IoT gateway, a collective monitoring of information from the gas detectors is made possible (using MODBUS Slave function of GD-70D-EA). 

A integrated Gas monitoring system can be built by a combination of IoT gateway and gas detectors. When a gas leak is detected by individual detectors , gas signals(alarm status, gas concentration value and trend, alarm state, etc.) can be monitored remotely by Web browser terminals (PC, smartphone, and tablet) 

 ※Up to 5 Web browser terminals can be connected at a time.

1.  Local monitoring is made possible by Web browser.

2. Monitoring by smartphone and table is made possible by using the internet.

3. Networked information from gas detectors can be monitored.

4. By utilizing a generally available network, a Small-Medium scale, inexpensive gas monitoring system can be built.

5. No special application needed for PC, smartphone, and tablet : A Web browser is all you need.


GD-70-EA POE Intelligent Gas Detector 

GD-70D-EA is fixed type gas detector which supports Ethernet. It is a version of the Hugely popular GD-70D

By adopting the Ethernet standard, communication and power can be networked with a single twisted pair cable, giving a reduction in wiring and cost .


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