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Portable Gas Detectors

RX-8000 Portable Gas Monitor with IR Sensor for Combustible Gases and Oxygen (O2) with internal Pump

Pumped Portable Gas Detector for %LEL %VOL HC & O2 in inert atmospheres.

This Tank-scope is ideal for Cargo Monitoring on-board Oil & Chemical Tankers and for other inert Atmosphere Applications

Building on and improving the very successful Riken models RI-415 and RX-415. The RX-8000 Series is designed for measuring Hydrocarbons and Oxygen in inert or air atmospheres using Riken’s proven NDIR infra-red sensor technology. Typically used for measuring gas concentration in tanks or piping during inerting/purging applications, and tank maintenance work.

There are two versions of the instrument with either an HC iso-butane (i-C4H10) or CH4 methane (CH4) NDIR sensor, both are auto-ranging between 0-100%LEL and 0-100 vol%. The optional Oxygen sensor has a range of 0-40%vol.

Product Features

Versions available
Improvements include better:


Target gas Combustibles
(i-C4H10 or CH4 calibration)
Detection principle Non-Dispersive Infrared Ray Galvanic cell
Detection range (Increments) 0-100vol% (0.5vol%) 0-100vol% (0.5LEL%) 0-40% (0.1%)
Accuracy ±5vol% ±5LEL% Range 0-25%   : ±0.7% Range 26-40% : ±3.0%
Response Time  T90 within 30sec T90 within 20sec
Sampling Method  Sample Draw : Minimum 0.75L/min
Display  Digital display and Bar graph
Power Source  Lithium-ion battery (3 hours for a full charge) : Standard AA Alkaline battery (3pcs)  : Option
Continous Operation  Lithium-ion battery : more than 15 hours AA Alkaline battery : more than 10 hours
Operating Temp and Humidity -20~+50℃(-4 ~ +122°F)below 95%Rh (Non-condensing)
Dimensions and Weight  Approx. 154(W) × 81(H) × 127(D)mm Aprox. 1.0Kg
(Approx. 6.1″(W) × 3.1″(H) × 5.0″(D)mm  Aprox. 2.4lb )
Ingress Proof Rating  IP-67
Explosion Proof  Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga
Approvals  IECEx, ATEX, MED,
Complying to IEC60079-29-1, EN50104
Additional Features  Indication to show energizing (pilot indicator and pump driving indicator), Activating confirmation beep and LED’s flash (every one minute), Pump stop function, Bump test function, IrDA communication, Data logger, Password protection

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