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Monitoring Hydrogen in Nitrogen or other Inert Gas

Catalytic combustion sensors are the standard method for detecting combustible gases including Hydrogen, however in order to operate a minimum of about 10% Oxygen needs to be present. IR sensors are a good solution to this problem for measuring most combustible gases in an inert environment where O2 levels are below 10% volume but IR sensors cannot detect Hydrogen. 

Riken Keiki offers several solutions around this problem. 

  • Robot hand holding cube of H2 and CO2

Fixed TC Sensor: Riken offers the GD-A80N Detector Head with a Thermal Conductivity sensor which can operate in zero O2 environments with range options of 0-5%, 0-10% and 0-100% Volume Hydrogen.

Portable TC Sensor: Riken offer NP-1000-H2 with a Thermal Conductivity sensor which can operate in zero O2 environments with a dual range of 0-10% and 0-100% Volume Hydrogen this is auto ranging. 

Interferometer: Riken also is a leader in Interferometer technology that measures the refractive index of a known gas in a known background gas, very accurately. It is therefore ideal for measuring Hydrogen in Nitrogen or CO2. Riken have the FI-8000 portable and FI-900 fixed solutions.

GD-A80N Combustible Gas Detector Head can detect Combustible gas including Hydrogen in an inert environment of Nitrogen, CO2, Argon etc 


NP-1000-H2 Portable pumped combustible Monitor for detection of Hydrogen in an inert environment with 0-10% / 0-100% Vol range auto-ranging 


FI-8000 Interferometer can measure Hydrogen in Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide range 0-100% Vol with accuracy of 3% of the reading. It can also have multiple ranges up to 8 in same instrument for example CO2 in Air as well as H2 in CO2 for purging applications. 


FI-900 Fixed Interferometer Gas Analyser can measure Hyrogen in Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide as part of a production process, ranges of % Vol and % LEL are available in the same instrument.