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Workplace Exposure Limits updated. Gas Detection Alarms should be reviewed.

In August 2018 the new EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) for Toxic Gases were published. These include a reduction in the limits for Carbon Monoxide (CO) .Carbon Monoxide Long Term (8 Hour) Exposure Limit (LTEL) is now 20ppm and the Short Term (15 Min) Exposure Limit (STEL) is now 100ppm.

  • COSHH EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits

NEW EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits mean Gas Detection Alarms should be reviewed

In August 2018 the new EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) for Toxic Gases were published. These include a reduction in the limits for Carbon Monoxide (CO) .Carbon Monoxide Long Term (8 Hour) Exposure Limit (LTEL) is now 20ppm and the Short Term (15 Min) Exposure Limit (STEL) is now 100ppm.

It is important that Gas Detector Alarm levels are set to reflect this new COSHH requirement.

What is Carbon Monoxide ?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas. Carbon Monoxide is produced by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels.

Modern industrial cooking equipment as well as industrial boilers and even Crematoriums use Combustible Gases . Carbon Monoxide can be produced in these environments and as it is undetectable,  people may not realise they are being exposed. Exposure to Carbon Monoxide is often fatal.

The use of  Industrial specification Carbon Monoxide Monitors is therefore very important in these applications.

Low cost Domestic type alarms are not suitable for these applications.  They are simple alarms not monitors so their alarm levels are not set at EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits. In addition they also lack the robust build quality required for industrial applications.

Effects of Carbon Monoxide (CO) on Human Body

Terms : LTEL = Long Term Exposure Limit.

STEL = Short Term Exposure Limit.

WEL = Workplace Exposure Limits

Concentration (ppm) Effects and Toxicity
20 EH40 WEL 8 hour limit LTEL
100 EH40 WEL 15 min Limit STEL
200 A mild headache as well as mild sick feeling in around 1.5 hours.
400~500 Headache, nausea as well as ear ringing in around 1 hour.
600~1000 Loss of consciousness in around 1 ~ 1.5 hours.
1500~2000 Headache, vertigo in addition to disabling nausea in around 0.5 ~ 1 hour. As well as losing consciousness.
3000~6000 Headache, vertigo as well as disabling nausea in a few minutes. In addition 10 ~ 30 minutes exposure can lead to death.
10000 Bring on immediate loss of consciousness and then death

Domestic vs Industrial Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Monitors are designed to be much more rugged and long lasting than disposable Domestic alarm units . Industrial Monitors continuously monitor the state of the area. They can also connect to monitor panels and building management systems  via Alarm contacts and 4-20mA outputs . Their sensors are long lived and can be replaced when they reach the end of their life meaning Industrial monitors have a much longer life span.

Light Industrial Carbon Monoxide Monitors can also be calibrated to ensure accurate and reliable readings throughout their life . You cannot calibrate domestic units

Riken Keiki EC-600 Standalone CO Monitor for Light industrial Applications

The Riken Keiki EC-600 is a Standalone Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) Monitor. It is ideal for Light Industrial and workplace monitoring as it comes with the alarm levels pre-set to the EH-40 Workplace Exposure limits which reflect the latest COSHH requirements.

EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits Standalone compact Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Visual in addition to  Audible CO Alarms:

The EC-600 displays CO levels on an LCD screen that changes colour at each alarm level. The display flashes Orange for the Caution alarm as well as Red for the final Warning alarm.

This is unique to the Riken Keiki  600 series. EC-600 has a loud  internal alarm (85db ) sounder.

The Unit comes with  preset alarms set to High ( 20ppm)  and High High (100ppm) to reflect the latest EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits . Users are able to program their own alarm levels if desired.

Relay contacts as well as a 4-20mA output

Relay outputs for 1st and 2nd alarms in addition to a 4-20mA output are available. These features allow customers to connect optional accessories such as additional sounders and beacons. It also allows connection to a building management system or PLC

The Instrument comes complete with a 24 VDC Power supply in addition there is a  battery version.  An optional 240VAC Mains adapter is also available.

Low Maintenance as well as High Reliability . 2 Year Warranty.

The EC-600 has an Electro-Chemical CO sensor.  The Sensor has a life expectancy of 3 -5 years.   The sensor is replaceable in the field without the need for special tools.

The EC-600 comes with a measurement range of 0-150ppm.

EC-600 comes with Alarms set to the EH40 Workplace Exposure limits. The EC-600 also is able to display a fault alarm

In addition the EC-600 has a 2 year Warranty.

Remote Carbon Monoxide  ( CO ) Sensor:

The EC-600 is often mounted outside the room with the sensor inside using a remote sensor housing in addition to an extender cable. This allows staff to ascertain the state of the room prior to entry thus staying safe.

Optional extras that include a Battery backed UPS ( WPSU-24 Series) in addition to sounder beacon(s) (SB-100 ) are available.

The EC-600 is a member of the 600 series of standalone monitors in addition this family includes