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Detecting Ammonia Leaks in Industry

Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH₃. A stable binary hydride, and the simplest pnictogen hydride, ammonia is a colourless gas with a distinct characteristic of a pungent smell.

About 80% of the ammonia produced by industry is used in agriculture as fertilizer. Ammonia is also used as a refrigerant gas, for purification of water supplies, and in the manufacture of plastics, explosives, textiles, pesticides, dyes, and other chemicals.

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Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in air causes immediate burning of the eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory tract and can result in blindness, lung damage or death. Inhalation of lower concentrations can cause coughing, and nose and throat irritation.

Ammonia is not highly flammable, but containers of ammonia may explode when exposed to high heat.

It is therefore important to have suitable gas detection either Fixed or portable / Personal or both to protect workers from the effects of inhaling Ammonia (NH3) 

The solutions 

Fixed Gas Detection 

Riken Keiki GD-70D is a sample drawing intelligent gas detector that has an option of mounting several Ammonia sensors with ranges of 0-10ppm , 0-75ppm or 0-150ppm ideal for leak detection . The GD-70D can operate standalone or for large area applications can be connected to the RM-5000 Gas monitoring panel or for very large applications above 12 detection points up to 96 detection points  to the GADMS Lite system for Monitoring via Smart phone , Tablet or static PC . 


Personal Gas detection 

The SC-04-NH3 offers cost effective single gas personal detection for Ammonia ( NH3 ) in a small compact package whereas the GX-3R Pro can combine confined space gas monitoring ( LEL / H2S / CO / O2 ) with NH3 in one small personal gas detector with Bluetooth connectivity offering email notification of gas alarms , Man down and panic alarms and GPS Location to a central point for lone worker monitoring 


Portable sample draw gas monitor 

GX-6000 can also mount a smart sensor for Ammonia ( NH3 ) for easy portable leak detection around pipes and containers 


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