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Fixed Gas Detection

GD-70D Sample Draw Gas Monitor for Toxic, Combustible and Oxygen

Intelligent Pumped Gas Detector for Toxic, Combustible Gases and Oxygen 4-20mA output ( PoE and Modbus options)

Riken Keiki – GD-70D. Intelligent Fixed Gas Monitor

The GD-70D Intelligent Fixed Gas Monitor has exceptional performance, flexibility, and versatility. The GD-70D has an array of sensor technologies that are unmatched in the industry. There a many toxic gas options. There are also hydrogen-specific as well as LEL versions.

The long life high capacity pump and sensors are easily and quickly replaceable, with no special tools required.

GD-70D Intelligent Fixed Gas Monitor sensor changeGD-70D Intelligent Fixed Gas Monitor pump change

Product Features

GD-70D Intelligent Fixed Gas Monitor Features

Note : There is a PoE version available GD-70EA for use with with GADMS light internet based Gas monitoring system . Click link for more details GADMS Lite

Plug and Play Smart Sensors

The smart sensors retain all calibration as well as sensor-specific data in non-volatile memory.  The sensors can therefore be hot-swapped in the field with no programming required. In addition the sensors also retain calibration information, which means they can be conveniently calibrated separate from the Monitor.  This avoids having to transport calibration gas to the field location. The GD-70D firmware automatically corrects for long-term zero in addition to span “drift” minimizing maintenance and maximizing reliability.

The GD-70D can be used as a stand-alone device as well as offering a number of communication protocols to existing PLC systems. Users also integrate it with single and multi-channel controllers.

Maximum Flexibility

The GD-70D Intelligent Fixed Gas Monitors have a large, easy to read integral LCD display. They have a tri-color bar graph for visual notification of alarm status, programmable low as well as high alarm relays, and a fault relay. Pump flow is self-tuning.  It has maintenance-free operation therefore, all GD-70D base units are identical. Users can change sensors without the need for programming or tools. This results in maximum user flexibility.

These Monitors are very popular being used in high numbers throughout the world. Users have many years of reliability as well as trouble free service.

The GD-70D is an industry standard in semiconductor fabs and factories worldwide. They have applications  in battery room monitoring and any where toxic gases maybe present. See links to complementary instruments below.


Model GD-70D GD-70D-NT GD-70D-ET
Communication 4-20mA DC DC power line communication PoE Method
Detection principle Different type depending upon sensor unit and detectable gas (see table)
Sampling method Sample drawing types (auto-adjustment of flow rate) 0.5 / min +/-10%
  • Large LCD display (white backlight)
  • Gas concentration
  • Flow rate, communication status, Pyrolyzer status, gas detectored
  • Error code, content of error
Gas alarms Two alarm levels: 1st alarm – Red
2nd alarm – Red
Fault alarm: Yellow
External output 1st, 2nd, and trouble alarms : Relay contact output for each alarm
Self diagnostic function System failure, sensor failure, flow failure, communication error NT / ET / Analog
Datalogging Event history, alarm history, calibration history. Alarm trend (180 sec before / after 1st alarm)
Operation temp. & humidity 0 ~ 40ºC, 30 ~ 70% RH (non-condensing)
Operating settings All operational settings are user adjustable through front panel
Power requirements DC 24V+/- 10%, approx 1.5W (Max 4W including sensor unit) Note: Approx. 2.5W (Max 5W) with SGU sensor unit PoE standard arrangement

Dimensions 2.8”W x 4.7”H x 5.9”D (70W x 120H x 150Dmm)
Weight Approx. 0.9kg (2.0lbs), including sensor unit
Mounting Wall-mounting base plate by 2 or 3 screws
Sampling tubing 4 x 6mm PTFE tubing recommended. Tube fittings provided as standard accessories
Bushing Cable type varies depending on communication method (Cable bushing optional)

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