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Fixed Gas Detection

FSD-753 / FHD-752 Hydrogen Sensor for Automotive and Fuel Cell Applications

Automotive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sensor

FSD-753 /FHD-752 Hydrogen Fuel Cell sensor / Automotive Hydrogen Sensor 

The FSD-753 is designed specifically for use in Hydrogen Fuel cell applications and Hydrogen Commbustion Engines to measure Hydrogen levels within the fuel cell itself , in the Hydrogen tank store in the Vehicle and other areas within Hydrogen Vehicles , FHD-752 has an internal heater for applications with excess moisture .  12 Volt and 24volt versions are available . 

FSD/ FHD Drawing

<Product Specification>


・Gas detection method: natural diffusion type

・Principle of detection: New ceramic type (contact combustion type)

・Target gas: Hydrogen gas in air

・Detecting concentration: 0~20,000 ppm or 0~40,000 ppm    

・Warmup time: output start time within 500 m/sec

 Environmental Condition

・Operating temperature range: -35℃~100℃

・Operating humidity range: under 100%RH   

・Storage temperature range: -40℃~125℃

・Pressure: 70~130kPa

・Interference effect: No effect on HC,H2S,N2,CO,CO2, NOX in the atmospheric environment


・Fault output: under 0.2VDC (sensor disconnection)

・Explosion proof: Not become ignition source in an atmosphere with a hydrogen concentration of 4% or more 


・Dimension: approx. 80(W) x 55(H) x 15(D) (excluding sensor and connecting part)

・Weight: approx. 103g

・Water protection : the sensor part is protected by water repellent filter

・Dustproof/ waterproof: IP-67compliant

Electrical Characteristics

・Input voltage (standard): 8DC ~16V(12VDC)  also 8-32Volt ( 24VDC ) S version is available 

・Power consumption: max. 0.5W/12VDC (for continuous use)

・Concentration signal output: 0.5DC~4.5V/ 0~F.S. linear output to gas concentration

・Over scale: 4.5DC~4.6V

・Reverse connection: with protection circuit

・Accessory connection (male side):  Sumitomo Wiring Systems model 6188-00 4 poles (with harness 8cm)

・EMC: EMI ISO11452-2,-3,-4 compatible EMS CISPR25 compatible ESD ISO10605 compatible

Receiver Request Characteristics

・Input impedance: 10kΩ or more

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