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Portable Gas Detectors

03 Series - (Discontinued)

Personal Single Gas Monitors : Models OX-03, CO-03, HS-03, GP-03 Facilities such as Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Storage Facilities, Water and Wastewater Treatment plants, Pharmaceutical labs, Utilities, Fire fighting and Chemical Plants are hazardous areas. Workers and Visitors need personal gas protection at all times without the addition of extra bulky equipment. Personal Single Gas Monitors are ideal for this.

Product Features

Cost of Ownership Disposable gas detectors are low cost but users can suffer high failure rates, this can result in safety concerns. Users often find the cost of ownership often outweighs the small initial cost saving over a reliable renewable gas detector. Customers constantly have to replace failed units resulting in personnel down time and the lost productivity.


Model Name GP-03 OX-03 HS-03 CO-03
Gas detected Combustible gases Oxygen Hydrogen sulphide Carbon monoxide
Detection principle Catalytic combustion Galvanic cell Electro-chemical cell Electro-chemical cell
Detection range 0 ~ 100%LEL 0 ~ 40.0% 0 ~ 100.0ppm 0 ~ 500ppm
Increments 1%LEL 0.1% 0.5ppm 1ppm
Alarm set points 1st : 10%LEL
2nd : 50%LEL
OVER : 100%LEL
1st : 19.5%
2nd : 18.0%
OVER : 40.0%
1st : 5.0ppm
2nd : 30.0ppm
STEL : 5.0ppm
TWA : 5.0ppm
OVER : 100.0ppm
1st : 25ppm
2nd : 50ppm
STEL : 200ppm
TWA : 25ppm
OVER : 500ppm
Types of alarm (*1)
    • Gas alarms: 1st and 2nd (user adjustable), OVER scale alarm, STEL and TWA
    Trouble alarms: Sensor disconnection, Low battery, Calibration error, Clock error, System error
Alarm method Latching Latching Latching Latching
Display of alarm Gas alarms: Flashing LEDs, Buzzer, Flashing gas value, Vibration
Trouble alarms: Flashing LEDs, continuous buzzer, display of error message
Operating temp. & humidity -20 ~ +50°C [-4°F ~ 122°F]
0~90%RH (Non-condensing)
-20 ~ +50°C [-4°F ~ 122°F] 0 ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing) -20 ~ +50°C [-4°F ~ 122°F] 16 ~ 85%RH (Non-condensing)
Power source 2x AAA size Alkaline battery (Optional AAA size Ni-MH battery [Eneloop])
Continuous operation (*2) Alkaline battery : Approx.35 h Ni-MH battery : Approx.30 h Alkaline battery : Approx.3000 h Ni-MH battery : Approx.2000 h
Response time 90% response within 30 sec 90% response within 20 sec 90% response within 30 sec
Ingress proof IP 67
Explosion proof Alkaline dry battery version : Exia II CT4
Ni-MH battery version: Exia II CT3
Approvals IECEx, ATEX
Dimension & weight Approx. 57(W) × 70(H) × 26(D) mm [2.1″(W) × 2.64″(H) × 0.94″(D) inches] with rubber protection cover, 80g [2.8 ounces]
Function Manual LCD backlight (Automatically ON when alarming), Peak value, Data logging, Time, CAL alarm, BUMP alarm
(*1) STEL and TWA alarms are available on HS-03 and CO-03 only. (*2) No alarm, no light at 25°C
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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