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Fixed Gas Detection

What are Fixed Systems?

Fixed Gas Detection Systems Explained

Fixed Gas detection systems are systems permanently mounted in a room, building or site that constantly monitors gas levels of either Combustible, Toxic , Inert or Oxygen gas in order to give advance warnings of gas leaks or hazardous situations. In addition to giving audio and visual warnings they can also be used to control vent or extractor fans and even shut down the gas supply in case of an emergency.

Fixed Systems can be simple single point standalone systems or can consist of multiple gas detection sensors or transmitters linked to a gas control panel. Fixed systems can be installed in Safe or Hazardous (ATEX) areas and are widely used to protect personnel from threats to life and also to monitor gas flows in production processes.

Weatherall has over 60 years' experience in gas detection systems and can supply, fully install and commission of the shelf or  bespoke solutions to fit all applications including fully compliant ATEX installs.


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