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Fixed Gas Detection

SD-2500 Series High Temperature Combustible Gas Detector

Specialised Gas Detector for High Boiling Point solvents such as NMP used in Li-ion Battery production

The Riken model GD-A2400 / SD-2500 / SD-2600 / SD-2700 are designed to specifically monitor High Boiling point Solvent vapours inside furnaces and process drying machine exhaust ducts. SD-2500 series are used extensively to detect NMP in the manufacturing of Li-ion battery cells. 


Product Features

The Riken Keiki SD-2500 is designed to be used inside furnaces and process macihines to monitor high-boiling solvents in exhaust ducts and furnaces. The SD-2500 features a long sensor head (250mm in length), operating in high temperature 0 to 160℃ (SD-2500) or 0-200℃ (SD-2600), flameproof enclosure, and smooth operation with the control key.

It is used extensivily in the Li-on production facilities and Giga Factories to measure N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) (C5H9NO) in the exhaust ducts in Drying machines see Artcle NMP monitoring in Li-ion Drying Applications


Category Fixed gas detector
Type Stand-alone gas detector
Detection gas NMP (N-methylpyrrodidone), High Boiling Point Solvents 
Principle of detection Catalytic combustion
Detection range 0-100 %LEL
Sampling method Diffusion
Display of alarm Gas alarm, Trouble alarm
Explosion protected construction Flameproof enclosure
Approvals ATEX, TIIS, CE
Power source DC24V
Dimensions Main body: 148(W) x 161(H) x 88(D) mm Insert part: φ34 x 250 mm
Weight Approx 4.6kg
Operating temperature range

Main body: 0 to 50 ℃
Insert part: 0 to 200℃ SD-2600 

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