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Fixed Gas Detection

TP-70DGII Smart Gas Monitor for C4F6, C5F8, COS

Smart gas detector C4F6, C5F8, COS gas detection in Semiconductor processing applications

Smart gas detector using a Catalyser with Electrochemical sensor for Hexafluorobutadiene (C4F6), Octafluorocyclopentene (C5F8), Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) gas detection in Semiconductor processing applications.


Model  TP-70DGII 
Detection principle  Catalyser + Electrochemical type 
Detectable gas*  C4F6 / C5F8 / COS 
Gas concentration  display Character LCD (Digital and Bar-Meter Display) 
Measuring range*  C4F6:0~5ppm / C5F8:0~5ppm / COS:0~15ppm 
Detection method  Pump suction type・pyrolysis type 
Flow rate  0.5L / min±10% 
Alarm set point* (standard setting)  C4F6:2ppm (1st), 4ppm (2nd) / C5F8:2ppm (1st), 4ppm (2nd) / COS:5ppm (1st), 10ppm (2nd) 
Power indication  POWER lamp on (green) 
Various indications  Gas name display / flow rate indicator / mode display / Communication status display / pyrolyzer connection display
Output  Gas concentration signal / Gas alarm contact / Trouble alarm contact 
Alarm accuracy (under an identical condition)  Within ±30% (to the alarm set point value) 
Alarm delay time (under an identical condition)  Within 60 seconds (by providing the gas 1.6 times the alarm set point (excluding delay in the tube and in the communication)) 
Gas alarm type type Two-level alarm (H-HH) 
Gas alarm indication indication 1st:ALM1 lamp blinks or lights up (red) 2nd:ALM2 lamp blinks or
Gas alarm action* action* Fault alarm pattern or non latching (Auto-recover) 
Gas alarm contact* contact* Each no-voltage contact each 1a or 1b (2 step independent) De-energized (energized at an alarm) or energized (de-energized at an alarm) 
Fault alarm・ Self diagnosis  System abnormalities / sensor abnormalities / flow rate abnormalities / pyrolyzer heater abnormalities
Fault alarm indication FAULT lamp on (yellow) / detail display 
Fault alarm action Auto-recover 
Fault alarm contact* No-voltage contact 1a or 1b De-energized (energized at an alarm) or energized (de-energized at an alarm)
Contact capacity AC125V・0.25A / DC24V・0.5A (load resistance) 
Contact cable Cable of CVV, etc. (1.25sq) max. 6-core 
Various functions White backlight / alarm delay / suppression / zero follower / sensitivity correction / flow control / calibration / history / alarm trend history / event history
Power supply for transmission DC24V±10% (Dedicated line by blocking filter)
Power supply for pyrolyzer AC100~240V±10%
Power consumption 150VA or less 
Piping port Rc1 / 4 (O.Dφ6-1t half-union for Teflon tubesupplied) 
Initial clear Approx. 25sec 
Operating temperature 20~40℃ (at a constant condition) 
Operating humidity 40~70%RH (non-condensing) 
Structure Tabletop type 
Outer dimension Approx. 180 (W)×225 (H)×285 (D)mm (projection portions excluded) 
Weight Approx. 6.0kg 

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