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Fixed Gas Detection

RM-590 - (Discontinued)

Multi Channel Gas Detection Controller

Product Features

The RM-590 series belongs to RKI’s family of display units. The device consists of two parts: an indicator/alarm unit and a buzzer unit.
With the help of this components, the task of multipurpose gas detection can be carried out reliably at any industry site. The multichannel gas monitoring system RM-590 can be set in most different fields very well. Typical applications for the device are petrorefinery and petrochemical plants, the semiconductor manufacturing industry, power stations, gas facilities, iron and steel works, shipping industry and many more.


The RM-590 series is to be used best in connection with RIKEN KEIKI gas detectors and allows the check of inflammable and toxic gases, as well as the check of the oxygen concentrations.
The indicator unit of the RM-590 is equipped with a four-digit digital display and 4-20mA signal output with a power consumption between 5 to 10 VDC (12 to 17 VAC).

In order to be able to deal with individual demands in the best way it is possible to tune the two alarm limit values independently. Furthermore, alarm situations can be simulated with the help of test functions without having to disconnect a plant for this case.
Besides the fact that the device is network-compatible, it is equipped with a zero point suppression function and accepts flow failure alarm.
Because of the innovative and compact design, the alarm unit can be fitted easily without wasting expensive space.

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