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Atmos-FIR MultiPoint FTIR Gas Analyser for Formaldehyde

FTIR Gas Analyser for multipoint interference free Formaldehyde detection

Multi-component FTIR Gas Analyser

Protea Multi-Point FTIR Gas Analyser ideal for measuring Formaldehyde (HCHO).

Phenol-formaldehyde is used as an embalming fluid in hospitals as well other medical research facilities. Persons working in such an environment need to be protected from HCHO emissions from the fluid. Workplaces have a duty of care to monitor as well as reduce HCHO levels to safe levels.

atmosFIR is the latest generation of FTIR gas analyser technology. It is ideal for measuring Formaldehyde at multiple points at sub ppm levels. This makes it ideal for Formaldehyde Monitoring in Teaching Hospitals, Universities as well as Mortuaries and other medical research facilities. In addition background levels of Phenol, Ethanol, Methanol as well as the formaldehyde can be measured.

The atmosFIR improves upon previous FTIR technology and represents one of the most cost effective and flexible analytical products on the market.

At the heart of atmosFIR is a high-resolution, robust as well as proven FTIR spectrometer. It offers high signal throughput, low noise as well as long component lifetime.

Product Features

Sub ppm level Formaldehyde monitoring

atmosFIR features low cost of ownership and low maintenance costs in addition to combining the FTIR analyser with an in built sampling system. It is designed for ppm- level emissions monitoring as a portable or bench top unit as well as part of an installed multi-point system.

The Analyser is fitted with a sensitive DTGS detector which operates at ambient temperature without the need for liquid Nitrogen or detector coolers. These units are offered with Protea’s powerful PAS software suite and training in addition to a comprehensive support package. This enables users to achieve the best performance from the product.

Powerful software:

atmosFIR Software uses powerful PLS Algorithms.  These offer great advantages over more traditional chemometrics.  There is no limit to the number of gas measurements that can be simultaneously performed. Data can be downloaded and re-analysed offline.

atmosFIR is the successor to Protea’s previous emissions monitoring FTIR Systems.


Typical Measurements for atmosFIR
atmosFIR runs a Standard Analysis Mode with fixed acquisition parameters and chemometric analysis for common emission gases. This makes it incredibly simple to use even for users with no extensive FTIR background. Further analysis methods can be uploaded by the trained user or remotely by Protea.
Typical measurement range(s) 0 – 10ppm; 0 – 100ppm; 0 – 10000ppm
%Vol measurements can be achieved with on-board dilution MFC
Typical detection limit <0.5ppm (gas dependent)
Typical Response Time (T90, direct) 150secs (1cm-1)
Standard Analysis Mode for
Combustion Gas Analysis
Hardcoded analysis for common emission gases. No complex set-up required
Switch on → Zero → Measure → Report
Please contact Weatherall for
specific gas requirements
CO 0 – 75mg/m3
NO 0 – 200mg/m3
NO² 0 – 200mg/m3
SO² 0 – 75mg/m3
HCl 0 – 15mg/m3
NH3 0 – 15mg/m3
HF 0 – 15mg/m3
HBr 0 – 50mg/m3
CH4 0 – 50mg/m3
C²H6 0 – 50mg/m3
C³H8 0 – 50mg/m3
C4H8 0 – 50mg/m3
C²H4 0 – 50mg/m3
C6H6 0 – 200mg/m3
HCHO 0 – 20mg/m3
HCN 0 – 15mg/m3
H²O 0 – 40%VolCO² 0 – 30%Vol
Linearity <2% range Repeatability (σ) <1% range
Unlimited measurements Standard Analysis Mode ranges are not fixed – increase via simple span correction Any number of additional gases can be added via user-defined analysis

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