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RP-3R / RP-3R Pro

Clip on Pump unit for GX-3R and GX-3R Pro models

Attachable Electric Sample Drawing Pump for GX-3R (Pro)


Product Features

The RP-3R are compact, battery operated, electric sample drawing pumps which attach to either the GX-3R or the GX-3R Pro to change them from diffusion operation to sample drawing operation. The model RP-3R pumps and the GX-3R or GX-3R Pro gas monitor make a complete solution for confined space entry.

The RP-3R is housed in a rugged plastic case with a quick disconnect fitting for hose attachment. It is provided with a 100mm tapered red rubber nozzle. A hose and probe are available as optional accessories. Hose lengths of 3M to 30M are available. The probe is equipped with an internal dust filter and clear body for easy viewing. The RP-3R uses one AA battery and will operate for up to 10 hours in normal mode (higher flow mode) with an optional ECO mode (lower-flow mode) that can last up to 16 hours. The pump quickly and firmly snaps onto the GX-3R or GX-3R Pro gas monitor and is easily removed when sampling is complete. No tools are required.

A push button POWER switch is used to activate the RP-3R, and the POWER LED illuminates when the RP-3R is on. If a low flow condition occurs, the FLOW LED flashes, and an audible alarm will sound. The POWER LED flashes if low battery occurs.

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